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Floaters and Flashes in Sedalia, MO

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What Are Flashes And Floaters?

Some people experience floaters or flashes in their eyes when they see. This is the result of fragments of the vitreous clumping up. When this gel-like fluid clumps and these clumps move around, they produce shadows on the retina, which are the floaters that you see. When the clumps gradually move down and settle in the retina is when people experience flashes, which can be described as "seeing stars." If you experience floaters or flashes, our team at Sedalia Eye Associates may be able to help. For more information, schedule a visit to our Sedalia or Warsaw, MO office today.

How Are Floaters and Flashes In the Eye Treated?

Most people experience floaters at one point or another in their lives. Often it can be harmless and improve on its own; other times it can be a sign of something serious such as a retinal tear, detachment, or something else. If you experience floaters or, particularly, flashes in your eyes, it's important to visit our Sedalia or Warsaw, MO office. If you see a shadow in your peripheral vision in addition to the floaters, or if you notice a curtain-like covering of your vision, urgent evaluation and treatment may be necessary. When you visit Sedalia Eye Associates, we will check for retinal damage as well as other eye diseases that could cause these symptoms.

If a retinal tear is detected, you may need laser treatment in order to prevent the retina from detaching. If the retina has detached, surgery may be necessary. If the floaters in your eyes do not improve over time, we may consider alternative treatment options.

Freedom from Flashes And Floaters

It's true that eye floaters and flashes can be annoying. While they often fade over time, it's important to have them evaluated if they are causing vision impairment or if they fail to resolve. Floaters are one of the leading signs of retinal tears and detachments. At Sedalia Eye Associates, we can evaluate your eyes to determine if the floaters and flashes you're seeing need treatment. To schedule a consultation, contact our Sedalia or Warsaw, MO office.

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