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What Are Eye Exams?

Many people are familiar with standard eye exams. In fact, many of our young patients in Warrensburg, Warsaw, Smithton, and surrounding areas commonly receive acuity tests at school. It's also common for many people in the workforce to be required to obtain eye exams for insurance purposes or to renew their driver's licenses.

However, passing a vision assessment doesn't equal being free of any eye disease. An acuity evaluation simply can't enable a full view of your overall ocular health. Therefore, receiving a comprehensive eye exam every other year is particularly important.

At Sedalia Eye Associates, comprehensive ocular health assessments involve several important testing procedures that enable our team to determine your complete ocular health, including dry eye evaluations and treatment. This is quite important since numerous dangerous, vision-threatening conditions, like macular degeneration, don't have any warning signs.

Remain aware of your eye health by scheduling annual appointments at our Sedalia or Warsaw, MO practice. It is particularly important to go to an ophthalmologist if it has been more than 24 months since your previous comprehensive eye assessment or if you have observed any problems with your eyes or acuity.

What Can I Expect From My Eye Exam?

When you arrive for your appointment, remember to bring your contact lenses, eyeglasses, and a current list of any prescription and nonprescription medications you are using.

In general, eye exams at Sedalia Eye Associates last approximately 30 – 90 minutes. Your eye evaluation will get underway with a basic visual acuity test to determine how sharp your acuity is. If the eye chart test establishes that you should have corrective lenses, we will probably go ahead and do refraction testing to determine what your refractive prescription needs to be. For refraction testing, we will use a phoropter device to indicate which images you see as sharp or blurry.

After the visual field test, we might examine the alignment of your eyes with a cover test. As the name indicates, we cover your eyes in turns and have you stare at something so we can see the way your eyes focus. We might also have you keep your head still and follow a pointer light by moving just your eyes.

Additionally, we will often perform a test that can find color vision limitations and helps in catching other eye health issues, as well as perform a dry eye evaluation. To wrap up, we will do a slit lamp exam to obtain a magnified, comprehensive three-dimensional view of the observable parts of your eyes, such as the upper and lower lids, cornea, conjunctiva, iris, and lenses.

It is extremely beneficial to enlarge the pupils with eye drops to clearly examine the condition of the retina, retinal blood vessels, optic nerve, and macula and to look for signs of glaucoma. Depending on your age and the original reason you came in, we might have to dilate your pupils for further tests.


Optimize Your Ocular Health

Many patients aren't concerned with their eyes until a vision impairment occurs. However, ocular health extends further than simply vision. We welcome you to plan comprehensive eye exams for your whole family with our team of eye specialists at our office in Sedalia or Warsaw, MO . Sedalia Eye Associates uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to examine your eyes to see to it that any concerns will be caught and treated right away.

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