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Eye Infections in Sedalia, MO

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What Are Common Eye Infections?

Eye infections are passed on and carried from person to person when the unlucky recipient touches their eyes without cleaning their hands after coming into contact with another person. They can be triggered by viruses, fungi, or bacteria and are usually highly contagious. Those who develop eye infections tend to endure soreness, redness, scratchiness, and itchiness in their eyes. At times, eye infections may also cause temporary vision loss.

Eye infections can have symptoms that present as mild to very painful. Moreover, their levels of threat can range from relatively safe to very concerning. A good number of them can be resolved with over-the-counter solutions, and some will clear up on their own, though certain eye infections are extremely serious and should be treated by an experienced eye doctor.

If you believe that you or your child has gotten an eye infection, schedule a visit at Sedalia Eye Associates. Our team of eye specialists has broad experience and is highly skilled in diagnosing and resolving standard and uncommon forms of eye infections for Sedalia, Otterville, and Warsaw, MO adults and children.

How Are Eye Infections Treated?

After performing a thorough eye examination, one of our eye specialists will be able to provide you with the best protocol to deal with your eye infection. The treatment regimen will depend on the type of infection it is. For infections that are bacterial, we might prescribe antibiotic eye drops or oral medication. If there is significant inflammation, he may use eye drops, or maybe injections, that contain cortisone or a steroid. In cases of a stye or chalazion that doesn't seem to be going away without treatment, laser treatment or minimally invasive surgical intervention might be recommended.

Find Comfort and Relief After An Eye Infection

Despite the fact that eye infections are mostly harmless, they can sometimes be quite threatening, and it might be very hard to determine which kind you have on your own. If you do develop an eye infection, or if you have a foreign body stuck in your eye, you need to see an eye doctor in Sedalia or Warsaw, MO without delay, especially if it is causing pain or inflammation. At Sedalia Eye Associates, our team of eye specialists is highly trained and widely skilled in diagnosing and taking care of eye infections and delivering considerable relief.

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