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Laser Capsulotomy in Sedalia, MO

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What Is a Laser Capsulotomy?

At Sedalia Eye Associates, we perform capsulotomy procedures in our Sedalia and Warsaw, MO offices using laser technology after cataract removal. Cataract removal removes a clouded lens, replacing it with an artificial intraocular lens; however, the structure that houses the lens can, itself, become clouded over time as well, creating cloudy vision even after cataract surgery. In this case, a laser capsulotomy may be performed to reduce this cloudiness and provide clearer vision. If you're noticing blurry vision, a glare, double vision, or something else in the weeks, months, or years following cataract surgery, laser capsulotomy may be the solution. For more information, contact Sedalia Eye Associates.

How Is a Laser Capsulotomy Performed?

Laser capsulotomies are a quick outpatient procedure and are relatively comfortable. To perform this procedure, we will position you in front of our laser system, which will focus a beam of light toward the posterior capsule in your eye. The laser will emit quick pulses of light energy, which will break up the clouded area of the capsule. The surrounding structures of your eye and new lens will remain intact and unharmed.

It's normal to have some blurry vision for a few hours after your procedure; however, you should notice your vision starting to improve within a few hours. Our Sedalia and Warsaw, MO teams will continue to monitor your vision and ocular health during routine eye exams.

Clearer Vision After Cataract Surgery

Sedalia Eye Associates is proud to provide Otterville, Marshall Junction, and Warrensburg, MO patients with exemplary ocular care. Our team of eye specialists is proud to offer state-of-the-art laser capsulotomies for cataract patients who are experiencing cloudiness after treatment. To schedule a visit, contact our Sedalia or Warsaw, MO office today.

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