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Cataracts Explained in Sedalia, MO

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What Are Cataracts?

In most cases, cataracts are simply a normal part of the aging process that initially develop after 40 years of age, when the proteins within the eye's lens usually begin to break down or bunch together. The cloudiness caused by cataracts eventually worsens and blocks light from hitting the retina properly. This fogging of the eye's lens ultimately causes reduced vision and, eventually, total blindness if not discovered early and treated appropriately.

The team at Sedalia Eye Associates is experienced in finding and addressing cataracts in the first stages, as well as in guiding you in the best methods of treating worsening symptoms. Our doctors treat people suffering from cataracts almost every day. Developing cataracts is incredibly common, and cataract surgery is the most common surgery conducted in this country. Approximately 2 million patients have cataract surgery every year. The disease can come about very slowly, so those in the onset stages typically are unaware of their condition. Cataracts are one reason why scheduling complete eye exams at least every two years is imperative to your general ocular health.

Call or visit our Sedalia or Warsaw, MO facilities soon to schedule a comprehensive exam and learn how we could help you manage your cataracts.

How Are Cataracts Treated?

After it's established that a patient has a cataract, we will start to discuss the potential methods of treatment. The treatments for cataracts are always related to the progression of the disease. Initially, a majority of patients only need new prescription eyeglasses or contacts. Those whose cataracts have progressed, however, generally need a more intensive option, like a trabeculectomy (traditional cataract surgery) or laser surgery. Our team is devoted to offering all of our patients the best possible care.

Clear Vision After Cataracts

Sedalia and Warsaw, MO patients who think they may have cataracts or are over the age of 40 should arrange a visit to Sedalia Eye Associates at their earliest convenience for a thorough eye exam. These exams are integral to diagnosing and treating cataracts and multiple other eye conditions. With a prompt diagnosis, we can recommend a personalized plan to help you deal with your condition.


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