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Cataract Surgery in Sedalia, MO

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What is Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery, which is also known as phacoemulsification, is one of the most common procedures performed throughout the world. This safe and effective procedure is performed to remove clouded lenses in the eye and replace them with artificial intraocular lenses (IOLs). Our team is trained in cataract surgery to help Sedalia and Warsaw MO patients reduce or eliminate symptoms of cataracts, such as blurred vision, faded colors, and difficulty driving at night. Schedule a visit at Sedalia Eye Associates to learn more about your options for cataract removal.

How Is Cataract Surgery Performed?

Our eye specialists conduct cataract surgery as an outpatient procedure. This procedure usually takes under 10 minutes per eye. When it's time to begin, we will situate a special device around each eye that hinders any movement during the procedure. Next, we will use a scalpel to make a 3mm incision at the outside boundary of the corneal tissue. After this is done, a separate device will be used to enter the lens via the incision. This device crumbles the cataracted lens so it can be easily taken out and substituted with a new intraocular lens through the same incision. The opening is extremely small, so it doesn't require a single stitch and will heal by itself quite smoothly.

Say Goodbye to Cataracts

When you visit Sedalia Eye Associates, our top priority is maximizing your eyesight and overall eye health. We're here to make sure you learn about all the eye care you might need. If you have cataracts or have noticed the common symptoms of cataracts, call our Sedalia or Warsaw, MO location to arrange an evaluation and explore all the methods for managing them, including this safe and effective vision-saving procedure.

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